Saturday, December 21, 2013

More paintings for the Jan. 2014 Meyer Gallery Show

 After Dinner for Two
Oil on Board, 20" X 16"

 Comfort Food
Oil on Board, 12" X 24"

 Emily's Fantasy
Oil on canvas, 24" X 12"

Emily's Reality
Oil on Board, 24" X 12"

Updated painting for Meyer Gallery Show

 Even the Little Brown Bird (Retouched)

This is a painting I originally completed back in 2008, my last painting prior to starting to the 2 1/2 years I spent at the Hein Academy.  The Meyer Gallery suggested that I re-touch it, drawing on the skills that I picked up during my Hein Academy training.  The original painting is below.  You'll notice that I especially went back into the images of:  the woman's shoulders, the woman's fet, the black pants, the white undershirt, the green tee shirt and the hat.  I only went back into the background on the other parts of the painting.  I think you'll notice a reasonable difference.  I do. 

Even the Little Brown Bird, Original from 2008

   If someone asked me what the biggest difference my training made in my work, I would say, "values (as in contrast of lights and darks), as well as better understanding the value of painting, to the best of my ability, the color exactly as I see it."  These two things particularly show up in the two panels containing flesh tones and in the green shirt.  They show up in the other panels, as well, but not so obviously.  Those two and a half years at the Hein Academy made all the difference for me.