Friday, December 24, 2010

Recent Value Paintings at the Academy

Plush Bear Toy

Donald Duck Toy
The above are the most recent painting projects I've done in black and white value for the academy.
Jeff is letting me move on to actual color! My next project is to paint the exact same image (in this case, a ceramic cup and rubber ball) three times in three different color combinations but with exactly the same value so that when they are photographed in black and white they will look the same. I have a feeling that, as with all of my other assignments, this is going to be much harder than it sounds. Additionally, I am not allowed to photograph the paintings in black and white to check my progress along the way, but instead must wait until I'm ready for Jeff to check it himself. This is the kind of torture I'm subjecting myself to at this academy.
Jeff has been kind enough to let me move on to color without actually certifying that I'm ready to leave black and white because he knows that I must leave the academy at the end of April to allow me to accompany my husband on an extended trip. By leaving on my schedule and not Jeff's, I am acknowledging that I will most likely not have achieved the degree of perfection or professionalim, technically, that Jeff requires of his graduates, but I know that my skills will be dramatically increased from where they were before.