Sunday, October 31, 2010

Recent Painting

Along the Avalanche Trail, Glacier NP
Despite the fact that I'm only painting in black and white at the academy, I nevertheless did this small painting (9" X 12"), started on site at Glacier National Park in Aug. and finished up using photos at home. Next spring my husband and I are taking off on a 5-month odyssey in our motorhome with a plan to visit several national parks around the country. I plan to leave the academy by then, finished or not with the full curriculum, and to use my new skills doing small plein air landscapes at each park. Still lifes, which I consider my primary interest, will be impossible to pursue while we're travelling. So, I'm dipping into landscapes. I do enjoy them very much, but there are so many great landscape artists, particularly in Utah, that I've always felt it was just too competitive a field for me. Regardless, I will do them and see how good I can get at them in those five months. I'm looking forward to it!